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The Partnership for Patients Community of Practice is a private, password protected website for doctors, nurses, and all other staff working within the Partnership for Patients Hospital Engagement Networks (HENs) and the Community-based Care Transitions Program. Community of Practice members connect to exchange innovative patient safety best practices, and interact via discussion forums, email mailing lists, and webinars.

The Community of Practice also serves as a repository of resources, ideas and tools, created and found useful by the community members working to improve patient safety and improve business practices in care delivery settings. The Community of Practice membership process is open to health care and hospital team members, administrators, providers, community partners, and organizational leaders. Each approved community member has full access to all the resources and a number of list-servs based on their topics of interest.

To join the Community of Practice:

Already a member of a Community of Practice? log in at Opens in a new window.

  1. Determine if your hospital is a member of a Hospital Engagement Network.
  2. Register in the Community of Practice and use your hospital as your Organization Name - Opens in a new window.
  3. A Community of Practice Administrator will review your membership request and approve as appropriate.

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