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Welcome to the Partnership for Patients

Male nurse assisting wheelchair patient in hospital

Goals of the Partnership

A 20% reduction in all-cause patient harm (to 97 Hospital-Acquired Conditions [HACs]:/1,000 discharges) from 2014 interim baseline (of 121 HACs/1,000 patient discharges); and a 12% reduction in 30-day readmissions as a population-based measure (readmissions per 1,000 people).

A team of doctors

Hospital Improvement Innovation Networks

16 organizations are working with over 4,000 hospitals across the country.

Is your hospital one of them?

medical provider sitting with patient

Community-based Care Transitions Program

18 organizations participated in this program that strived to improve care transitions from the hospital to other settings.

Doctor talks to patient

Patient & family engagement

The relationship between health care professionals and their patients and families is critically important to the Partnership.